What is the Maryland Cut Flower Growers Association?

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Twenty years ago, a small group of flower farmers in Maryland met each winter to share stories and ideas. We're still going strong! We meet three times each winter at the Maryland Department of Agriculture in Annapolis, and have a listserv where members post questions and comments.

To become a member of the MCFGA, you must:

  • Own and/or work on a flower farm

  • Work in the Chesapeake region

Membership is free; please fill out this form to join.

President: Melane Hoffmann, Hidden Ridge Flowers and Herbs
Vice President: Madgie McGaughan, M&M Plants
Treasurer: David Brunton, Right Field Farm
Secretary: Carin Celebuski, Ladybrook Farm

Contact: hiddenridgeflowersherbs@gmail.com

a special thanks to Maryland's Best and the MD Department of Agriculture